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30 min - $69 | 60 min - $99 | 90 min - $139

Ayurveda, or “the science of life” in Sanskrit, is an alternative health care system developed in India several thousand years ago. It is designed to prevent illness and promote wellness by balancing mind, body and spirit through massage, yoga, diet, herbs and metals that cleanse the body of impurities. While it focuses primarily on illness prevention, Ayurveda also includes treatments for specific ailments.
According to AYURVEDA, the human body is made of 5 elements – earth, fire, air, water and
space. These five elements combine in the body to form three Doshas – Vata Dosha (Space and Air), Pitta Dosha (Fire and Water) and Kapha Dosha (Water and Earth). Ayurvedic treatment tries to bring about a balance between the mind, body and spirit and harmonize it with the universe. Any disruption of this harmony causes sickness and poor health.
Ayurveda primarily focuses on prevention of diseases and elimination of root causes before they occur. Ayurveda can be used in conjunction with Western Medicine to boost the immune system and to maintain a healthy balance of energy available from within our own bodies.

AYURVEDA OASIS treatment bundle

90 min/120 min

Combines Ayurveda modalities to detox the skin and body, balance the energy flow and relax the mind.

Starts with scalp massage, followed by marmar (active) points face massage with neem oil and honey.

Extraction and face cupping treatment clean the skin congestions and customized herbal mask nourishes and tightens the skin.

Trigger point massage with warm herbal oil restore muscle elasticity.

Reflexology of the feet and hands with honey and paraffin compress balances the energy flow and increases immunity.

Champi massage (indian head massage)

Is an Ayurveda massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, and face. The treatment also involves balancing of the top three chakras or energy centers, bringing forth a feeling of inner peace and well-being.
It provides relief from aches, pains, and stress symptoms, promotes hair growth, and rejuvenates the skin. Above all, it provides a deep sense of calmness and spiritual healing. It relaxes the muscles, realigns the joints and enhances their mobility, improves the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body, eliminates toxins, not only treating us on the inside but also providing us outer beauty.

Chakra balancing Treatment

60min/90 min

A luxurious aromatherapy massage complimented with:
– Rain drop therapy – the application of essential oils on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment, to reduce stress and support the immune system
– Vita flex technique – a specialized form of hand and foot massage that has a synergistic effect when combined with essential oils
– Chakra balance – the ancient healing art of energy therapy that erases accumulated stress and inspires deep relaxation.

Vibrational Alignment treatment

30 min/60 min

Our bodies are made of energy: Mental energy, physical energy, and spiritual energy. When any of these energies become stagnant or unbalanced it affects our health.
During an Intuitive Healing Massage session Velina combines elements of several massage techniques and ancient healing practices with her natural gift of intuition to bring the mind, body and spirit in harmony.
The treatment incorporates Acupressure points massage with Therapeutic essential oils and Vibrational therapy.
Vibrational therapy is based on the concept that all matter (including the human body) vibrates at a natural frequency and that the natural balance of the body can be restored through the use of resonant vibration.
A session expands your awareness guidance into your life purpose.

Srotabhyanga Massage: 30 min/60min

The perfect treatment to remove toxins in the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems and reactivate metabolism. This massage is the most similar to traditional lymphatic drainage and tends to focus on the legs. It is recommended in cases of water retention, circulatory problems, tiredness and excess of toxins in the body.
It relaxes the muscles, realigns the joints and enhances their mobility, improves the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body, eliminates toxins, not only treating us on the inside, but also providing us outer beauty.

ABHYANGA massage

90 min/ 120 min

A full-body warm oil massage, a powerful recharger and rejuvenator of mind, body and spirit. Let your accumulated stress and toxins dissolve. Hand picked essential oils are warmed and blended, suited to your Dosha, combined with a variety of Ayurvedic techniques to work along the energy channels of your body in a synchronized manner to restore the flow of vital energy.

Indian Ayurvedic massage is used to heal and detoxify the body. It helps for the person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
The herbal warm oil penetrates deeply into the recipient’s skin, which helps in removing wastes formed in the body. Better blood and lymphatic circulation can be attained through the vigorous procedure of the massage. It rejuvenates one’s body for it relieves stress and fatigue.
It includes Ayurveda abdominal massage, which strengthens the body tolerance, benefits sleep patterns and increases longevity.

Padabhyanga (ayurvedic foot massage)


It is your feet that connect the being in you, to the earth that you belong to. It is believed that our body and soul are connected and embodied in our feet.
The lukewarm medicated oil is applied to the feet, including soles, heel, ankle joint and legs. The oil is then rubbed energetically into the whole joint, including the bones of the joint and tendon. The treatment includes Himalayan salt exfoliation and Reflex point feet massage with special blend of warm medicated oils and Row honey. At the end warm paraffin compress for the feet and knee helps soothe aching joints
An Ayurvedic Foot Massage relaxes the nervous system, balances energy, relieves pain, and increases blood and lymph circulation. It activates our immune system, improves hearing capacity, promotes sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, balances doshas, helps in restless leg syndrome, alleviates diabetic neuropathy, cures headaches, activates metabolism, reduces edema and relieves hypertension.

Pada hastae

Massage of feet, hands and reflex points with warm oil together with lymph draining of legs has an extremely soothing effect on the circulatory system. It strengthens the blood and lymphatic circulation in legs, thus effectively relieving fluid retention and tiredness in legs. Special massage movements activate energy flows in the internal organs and promoting balance and well being of the whole body. The massage is strongly recommended for diabetics, chronic smokers and other circulatory disorders, causing swelling.

Nabhi abhyanga ( ayurvedic abdominal massage)

This Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage is a perfect detox treatment. The abdominal area is where the digestive fire is located and a healthy agni governs our metabolism, is vital to our well being and keeps us young and strong. Nabhi Abhyanga stimulates and regulates our inner digestive fire, toning the abdominal muscles. This massage helps with constipation, gas, bloating and reduces fat in the stomach.

Ayurveda Kansa Wand Facial and Body Massage

The Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic tool developed about 5,000 years ago, in the Bronze age. It has been used for centuries to increase energy and to enhance health and vitality.
Kansa (or Bronze) is known as a “healing metal”
Copper – increases energy, relieves pain and inflamation
Tin – removes excess
Zinc – boosts the immune & digestive system

Because of its purity, it is considered a sacred metal in India. Kansa is a very sensitive metal. On a subtle level the high electrical conductivity of Kansa works on the energy or nervous system of the body in the meridians (energy channels) and the chakras (energy centers). It has a balancing and revitalizing effect by amplifying the body’s natural bio-electrical system. It corrects internal imbalances by releasing heat and toxins through the skin, gently lifting out impurities.

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.